LIONbrave's Website Maintenance Check List

Make backups

Schedule automated off-site backups for your content and database. Before installing updates, do a manual backup in case the update breaks your site.

Check for updates

You should check regularly, or even install a plugin to notify you whenever they are available. For security updates, install them as soon as possible.

Test Changes

After installing updates, do a test of your site. Sometimes a fix for one problem causes a different problem. Be sure to test on your most common customer platforms.

Optimize Performance

This will vary based on the kind of site you have. It's important to make sure your site is running fast and doesn't get bogged down as time goes on. 

Analyze Traffic

Using tools like Google Analytics, make sure you are meeting the needs of current visitors of your site by checking:

  • How many visitors you have
  • Which pages are most popular
  • Which pages are causing problems for visitors
  • What software and hardware visitors use