Remember that time when you let go of your first balloon?

Do you remember the feeling as a tiny child? Surprise. Disbelief. Wait! A moment ago I had a beautiful balloon bouncing on the end of a string held in my clammy little fist. It was so pretty and bouncy. Now it’s…. gone? An empty feeling in the pit of the stomach, and then tears.

Fast forward a few decades. Think about the role that your website plays in your business. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and it was just gone. Not like down for a few hours, while you telephone your hosting company, and sit on hold, and ask the service technician what is going on. I mean gone. Completely, it’s-not-coming-back gone.

This can and does happen to people. You would not believe how many times I have logged into a client’s website and discovered that they have no kind of automatic off-site backups, no automatic on-site backups– they aren’t even doing manual on-site backups when they happen to be in the mood. They also have no serious protection against malware and website hackers, and they are using cut-rate hosting where such intrusions are rampant. It really takes my breath away.

And this time, Mom and Dad aren’t going to buy them a new one. It’s also going to cost a lot more than fifty cents to replace, and it’s going to come out of their own piggy bank. It’s also going to cost time and customers and do some serious damage to the brand in the interim. The sad thing is, preventing this is so easy. You can get good quality managed WordPress hosting from a reputable company for around twenty to thirty bucks a month. You can get a very high quality protection against intrusion and malware for as little as ten bucks a month. And you can get reliable automatic offsite backups for as little as five bucks a month. If you really want all the bells and whistles, even that isn’t prohibitively expensive.

There is really no excuse. Please do yourself a favor and take care of this right now. Think of it like the slipknot that wise parents put on the end of the shiny new balloon’s string, as they slide it over your wrist.

Note: we don’t normally recommend products unless we are partnered with you and are aware of your specific needs, but since everyone is going to ask us, here are some links, just for the sake of example, to some quality services that we have purchased for some of our clients in the past. You should take a few minutes to think about your budget and your particular needs, before trying to choose a product.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

Site Intrusion/Malware Protection:

Off-site backups:

If this is all Greek to you, or you are a Greek who needs to focus on their business and not the stuff under the hood, you should consider talking it over with an expert.